How could technology influence hospitality staffing in 2018?

Improving communications and processes through innovation

Technology is transforming the workplace. Hospitality employers have recently exploited tools such as instant messaging, but struggle with issues like data management. Burdensome administrative tasks, such as payroll and tax, are increasingly outsourced to recruitment agencies. The expectation for properly trained, reliable workers - which traditional recruiters can’t always provide - remains as high as ever.


Syft understands the challenges and opportunities posed to hospitality staffing by technology. This white paper, drawn from insights across recruitment and technology, explores how new innovations can solve longstanding issues and create better conditions, from data-driven processes to smoother employer-worker relations. 

In this white paper, you'll learn more about topics such as:

  • Current pressures and the need for better admin management 
  • The lack of data insights: the impact of poor transparency
  • The overbook factor: managing poor retention and turn-up rates
  • Worker talent made transparent: a platform that gives back control to the client