How can the warehousing sector retain high-quality staff?

Traditional staffing approaches can be a barrier to worker retention

For warehouses to function safely and efficiently, it's vital that high-quality staff are present to ensure proper risk management and straightforward worker deployment.  However, it's becoming clear that factors such as traditional staffing methods and an inadequate consideration of worker experience are having a detrimental impact on current warehouse staffing. 


From selecting and vetting workers to improved shift structuring, technology can be an important aid all the way from hiring to day-to-day management. The worker experience can be improved to drive motivation and reward hard work, such as the use of in-work benefits. Syft understands that employers should be as aware of the latest innovations as they are of practical ways to improve worker satisfaction. We've created the whitepaper Shifting Warehousing For Change: The Challenge For High-Quality Staffing to address growing industry concerns and offer workable solutions born from our insights.

In this white paper, you'll learn more about topics such as:

  • Contemporary barriers to retaining talent
  • Automation and the warehouse worker
  • How to exploit platform technology to encourage peak performance
  • Skill-sets developed or prepared? A path to pre-trained workers